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Creating bridges between the professionals of the Clinical Simulation in Mexico.


We are the first  professional association for   Clinical Simulation in Mexico.


We work for healthcare professionals interested in education assessment and research using  clinical simulation, in order to improve the safety in  patient care in Mexico.

Working areas


  • Education.

  • Assessment

  • Research  

  • Safety of healthcare providers.

  • Simulation in clinical  environment

Our members

Clinical Doctors




Educational and clinical researchers

Upcoming AMESIC events   2018-20 


Workshops, conferences, seminars, evaluations and everything  kind of  events  related to the  clinical simulation throughout the year.  

Events for all kinds of audiences and interests in simulation.

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Marzo de actualizaciones
Abril - Sim Pediatría
Mayo Sim Ginecología
Junio - Asamblea anual AMESIC
Julio - Mes del Operador en Sim
Septiembre Investigación en SIM
Octubre - mes del paciente estandari
Noviembre - arte en simulación
Diciembre - Concurso nacional de Sim


National and international news related to simulation in health sciences.
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Information and contact.

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Montes con nubes
Muelle con niebla
Café en otoño
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