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Accredited Simulation Program in Health Sciences


The benefits we seek by promoting SOMESICS members to accredit their simulation programs such as:

Accredited Simulation Program in Health Sciences (PASCS)

  • Achieve recognition for your simulation program in health sciences

  • accreditation  is a personalized and standardized evaluation by experts to your simulation program in health sciences.

  • Simulation program processes and outcomes in assessment, research, teaching/education, and systems integration are examined in this accreditation. The standards accommodate any health simulation program.

  • The standards will be developed with all programs in mind.

  • The standards are not prescriptive, but instead describe the desired outcomes and processes that are characteristic of a life science simulation.  quality health.  

Who is invited to participate?


All programs that use the  simulation in Health Sciences for  teaching, research or evaluation  in environments with at least 2 years of experience.  

• Academic / university

• Hospitable

• Medical associations

• Private businesses.

• Other educational settings.


provisional accreditation


If your program is new to simulation, or doesn't have two years of results data to share, consider Provisional Accreditation.


You'll receive constructive feedback from life science simulation experts regarding process and outcome development, validate your simulation program through a peer review process, and much more.

SOMESICS welcomes the participation of all its members and simulation partner programs around the world involved in this process.  

During  In 2019 we will publish the call for this important program that we are sure will help improve the quality of education in health sciences.

Creation and development of the accreditation program

One of the objectives of SOMESICS is to promote and encourage training and improvement  of teaching staff, dedicated to education and teaching of health sciences.


During the end of 2018 and the first half of 2019 we will develop this simulation program accreditation process.  

This will be possible by the participation of all our members  with extensive experience in a wide variety of contexts  simulation in health sciences.


A review of the most demanding standards for accreditation of training programs has been carried out.  simulation used by the most prestigious international associations at an international level.  

Review and validation sessions of these standards and standards proposed by the Mexican reviewers will be held to define  its compatibility with the practice of education using simulation in Mexico.

The SOMESICS standards for PASCS will be the product of expert consensus.


The standards will be divided into basic standards (minimum requirements) and quality improvement standards.


  • The standards are intended to  guide the development and evaluation of the work of a simulation program in health sciences.

  • Standards provide a framework  general expected performance in a simulation teaching program. 

  • The standards do not offer a work plan  universal basic.

  • The standards are not prescriptive .​

  • A great effort will be made to make the PACS standards relevant and applicable in all contexts of health sciences teaching programs that use simulation in Mexico. ​


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