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Building bridges between Clinical Simulation professionals in Mexico.

We are the first Mexican simulation society to have national and international recognition that brings together Clinical Simulation professionals in Mexico.
Our vision is to be the society of health professionals with the greatest importance in education and research in the area of clinical simulation, generating a positive impact on quality and safety for the care of patients and health personnel in Mexico.

Convenios de trabajo establecidos entre SOMESICS y las más importantes sociedades y programas de simulación del mundo.  

In SOMESICS there are no  borders for our partners.

We have created  a national and international network that allows our partners to make themselves known and participate with the best simulationists and  programs  world simulation. 

Work areas


  • Education.

  • Evaluation and measurement.

  • Research.  

  • Safety of health personnel  and patients.

  • integration of the  simulation to health systems.

Profile of our





health students

biomedical engineers


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SOMESICS membership card


The electronic card  The SOMESICS membership offers you many benefits and is your identification card in the community of professionals in the  simulation  of Mexico and the world. 

Some benefits:  

- Get discounts on courses and workshops of simulation companies and programs in Mexico and the world.

- Use it as your digital simulation curriculum validated by your SOMESICS peers.

-Direct access to your portfolio page within SOMESIC so that your colleagues and employers are aware of your progress in simulation.

- Registration and direct access to video conferences and SOMESICS events.


And much more ... 

Upcoming SOMESICS events   2020-21  


Workshops, conferences, seminars, evaluations and everything  kind of  events  related to the  clinical simulation throughout the year.  


Events for all kinds of audiences and interests in simulation.

Centro de aprendizaje anahuac
IV congreso tendencias en la formación de profesionales de la salud
Mexico - Ecuador ok
Copia de Diseño sin título-2
Captura de Pantalla 2020-08-27 a la(s) 17.53.27
Webinar Abril 2021 - Dr KAneko-2
Webinar_ Denmark, Norway and UK
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Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-26 a la(s) 22.29.24
Sesión Octubre 2021
somesics challenge
2020 ASPE Annual Conference
Webinar_ Mexico
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