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By joining the AMESIC you obtain the following benefits: 

  • post and  get answers to your  questions about  the simulation  in health sciences  by the members of the AMESIC  

  • Access  to the resources of the  AMESIC Library

  • show  their leadership by participating in committees and special interest groups in  Interest groups  AMESIC.

  • Expand and standardize your knowledge in health simulation through access to the online Learning Center  AMESIC online.

  • Participate and offer  courses accredited by the AMESIC **  related to the simulation  health sciences published in the section of  AMESIC events.

  • Stay informed with a subscription to  AMESIC News, our fortnightly electronic newsletter that covers the latest in health sciences simulation at a national and international level.

  • Search or offer new job opportunities  or  I posted  opportunities through space  Work in Sim  AMESIC.

  • Consult and participate in the evaluations of medical simulation products and services through  AMESIC SimTech.

  • Discounts on congresses, workshops and AMESIC products.

  • Discount Coupon for  affiliation to  the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) (Approximate value of 40 USD).

AMESIC "Professional" annual membership

SKU: anualProfesional
  • Annual membership to the Mexican Association of Clinical Simulation 

    Validity 12 months

    a single payment

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