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International - Virtual Patient Challenge 2020 MEXICO
International - Virtual Patient Challenge 2020 MEXICO

Wed, Sep 02


Virtual Congress SOMESICS 2020

International - Virtual Patient Challenge 2020 MEXICO

SOMESICS invites all simulation programs to participate in this exciting and educational competition, in which teams of medical students from around the world will participate.

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Horario y ubicación

Sep 02, 2020, 12:00 PM CDT

Virtual Congress SOMESICS 2020


Acerca del evento


SOMESICS is pleased to invite you to join its representative team of Medicine students to participate in this important event. 

The Virtual Patient Challenge arose in Mexico thanks to the enthusiastic participation of SOMESICS and BODY INTERACT

last year with the purpose of promoting an academic activity with a touch of competition in which the participants could demonstrate their skills in diagnosis, management and integration of knowledge in the care of a virtual patient. 

This dynamic has been very successful and has been carried out in America, Europe and Asia.


This year SOMESICS invites all our partners and friends from around the world to participate with the intention of holding the first event for the use of virtual patients worldwide on 3 continents simultaneously, in addition to the fact that we want to break the world record of tax entrants in India last year with 40 entrants. 


  • Each team must be made up of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 members. 
  • Maximum academic level in the last semester of a Bachelor's degree in Surgeon without graduating. 
  • Each team must have at least one "coach" who will act as an advisor during the event and will support the debriefing activities after the scenarios. 


During the SOMESICS 2020 virtual congress, the eliminatory sessions will be held in which each team, through video conference and virtual access to the platform, must solve 3 scenarios established by the organizing committee.

The team will appoint 1 of its members as the person in charge of opening and interacting with the patient from their computer or tablet and together they will solve the case. 

All the teams of the round will meet for a pre-briefing of the dynamics and resolution of doubts, each team will be separated into virtual rooms and at the end of the time of each scenario a teacher will give the debrieffing to the team and they will continue with the next scenario until completing all 3 scenarios. 

The team with the highest score and zero penalties* will advance to the knockout stages.


On the last day of the SOMESICS virtual congress, the semifinals and finals will be held in which the Virtual Patient Challenge champions from different countries will face the finalists from Mexico. 

It is important to clarify that there will be a champion from Mexico and a world champion. 


The decision of the organizing committee and judges of the Virtual Patient Challenge are final and any unsportsmanlike behavior will be sanctioned with the expulsion of the team from the event. 


Where will it take place? 

SOMESICS Virtual Convention Center in the "stadium" 

Where are the teams registered?

On the SOMESICS page of upcoming events: "Virtual partner challenge 2020"

Select 1 participant ticket for each team member. 


1 teacher/coach ticket for each teacher/coach. 

Will it be possible to practice with the platform?

All teams are invited to practice with the platform to become familiar with the interface and practice its dynamics to determine the member who will activate the case on their computer/tablet, allowing the judges and members of their team to see it and allowing the whole team to enter. solve the case. 

You can access the platform in a free demo with test scenarios at:

Do you have doubts or questions: 

Contact us and we will gladly guide you:




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